“I’m 73 and there’s still so much I can do.”

Text and photos by Daniel Eberharter

On a cold and wet afternoon in December, the Christmas Market’s wooden huts radiated a special warmth. Since November 2018, Klaus & Maria have been in charge of the Holzmodelle Stand at the Christmas Market Am Hof in the first district of Vienna. Maria runs the shop in the morning and Klaus takes over in the afternoon, advising visitors into the evening. The two of them are united by the fact that they found their jobs at WisR.

Versatile globetrotters

“As long as I’ve got my brain and my bones are still good, I’ll always work”. Klaus Stockreiter is 73 years old and isn’t tired of working yet. The former sales manager and electrical engineer who loves the sea proudly presents a model of a sailboat which he built himself. He was also able to combine his passion for the sea with his profession: “As an electrical engineer on refrigerated ships and freighters, I travelled the world,” explains Klaus about his maritime background.

WisR Matches: Klaus
Klaus Stockreiter: Sales manager and globetrotter

Unlike Klaus, Maria Rauch-Doschek isn’t retired yet. She works in exports and in communications and felt for herself what happens to many elderly people:

“It is quite difficult on the labour market after a certain age,” says Maria. She became aware of the WisR job platform on Facebook and found a part-time job. Maria sees herself as a “versatile person with experience in international trade and communications” which is just what she wrote on her WisR CV.

Challenging wooden craft kits

The technically sophisticated wooden craft kits are made by uGears, a young toy company from Kiev. They produce distinctive models which they describe as a kind of “3D puzzle”. There are sailboats, planes, business card boxes, locomotives and even a working chronograph. The family business was financed by a crowdfunding campaign (see glossary) in 2014 and has quickly become a popular toy for young and old all over the world.

Nicole and Robert Heinrich distribute the brand themselves via their online shop and to commercial retailers all over Austria. During Christmas, they have stands at three different Christmas markets and rely above all on experience when looking for personnel.

“WisR is the right platform for us in the maze of recruitment agencies.”

Maria and Klaus are ideal for Robert Heinrich: “We want people with life experience but who are not so easy to find online. WisR allowed us to find what we were looking for”.

Heinrich is surprised that people in a later stage in life have such a hard time. “This is particularly unfortunate because so much knowledge and experience is being wasted,” Heinrich says.

Hopeful for the new year

“When the Christmas market is over, I’ll look around again on WisR for new jobs”, says Maria.

Klaus sees it the same way. He’ll continue to do project-based work which he can invoice on a trade licence basis. He has already worked as a technician for a popular fast-food chain and as a traveling promotion supervisor for marketing agencies. He particularly likes home office, teamwork, and time management. “I’m interested in almost everything and I’m willing to do almost anything as long as I’m interested,” says Klaus with a laugh.

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Glossary: Crowdfunding

A project that is looking for financing is presented on an internet platform with the aim of raising small amounts of money from a large number of people. The best known crowdfunding platforms are Kickstarter, Indiegogo and wemakeit.

Christmas markets opening hours:

Christmas Market Am Hof: 16.11. – 23.12.2018, Mon - Thu from 11 – 21, Fri., Sat., Sun. from 10 – 21

Vienna Christmas Market at Rathausplatz: 16.11. – 26.12.2018, Sun – Thu from 10 – 21, Fri, Sat from 10 – 22

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